The extensive experience of the Law Offices of Patrick J. O’Connell, PLLC’s qui tam attorneys in this practice area, history of working in leadership positions with the Texas Attorney General’s office and Department of Justice, as well as in large multi-state law firms, our experience in working closely with government lawyers, and our reputations as excellent lawyers give the firm’s whistleblower clients a substantial advantage.

Qui tam litigation is generally more successful when the government’s lawyers are persuaded to intervene. The firm’s lawyers understand that attorneys working at the state and federal levels are strapped for time and resources; they must invest wisely by choosing to join only the cases that present the greatest chances for success. Pat has worked for many years for the government and understands what’s important to building a good solid whistleblower case. Of course, we know how to build a case and present it to a jury, but we also know how to make the case when it is critical, right at the beginning—to the state and federal attorneys who will determine whether to get involved in the first place.

Because of our backgrounds and years of experience in False Claims Act litigation, our lawyers are well-known to lawyers working at the Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorney’s Offices and with the offices of many state Attorneys General. Relationships and credibility are paramount in the public-private partnership that is the key to the success of these cases. The government lawyers we work with know that we carefully screen our cases, and we bring our credibility with our clients’ cases. Such credibility fosters an atmosphere of trust and cooperation that is critical for the success of the litigation during both the government’s investigation phase and during the prosecution of the lawsuit in court.

Because the Law Firm of Patrick J. O’Connell, PLLC, is a small firm and works entirely on contingent fees (only receiving payment when cases are successful), we thoroughly vet cases, accepting only a relatively small number of cases, and limiting ourselves to those we anticipate are most likely to be successful. When necessary, we bring in additional staff, and we network with Taxpayers Against Fraud, other attorneys, investigators, forensic accountants and industry experts in order to best represent our clients, and often work with other lawyers whose clients require our expertise. Unlike all but a very few law firms, the firm focuses its practice exclusively on representing whistleblowers in qui tam cases. The Firm’s lawyers have credibility, experience and a reputation as tenacious advocates for our clients, and we are willing and able to ensure that we have the necessary resources, both legal and financial, to go the distance for our whistleblower clients.